Meet ALPHA ARBUTIN, your skin’s best friend...derived from Nature.


Discolorations are a problem.  But there's a new spot-fading hero waiting, ready to become the latest and greatest skincare megastar and it is found in theK MAGIC FACE CREAM and  K MAGIC BODY CREAM. 

Alpha Arbutin is an ingredient which effectively targets hyperpigmentation without any of the potential problematic side effects of its brightening counterparts have.

How to use it to achieve the glowing, even complexion of your dreams? Read on:

What is Alpha Arbutin?

Arbutin is a widely used skin lightening agent derived from hydroquinone. It is all-natural and can be extracted from bearberry, cranberry, blueberry, mulberry and pears.

Arbutin’s power in reducing hyperpigmentation has been proven and confirmed by various studies over the years. A 2018 study published in Cosmetic Facial Surgery found that arbutin effectively reduced melanin content to approximately 39 percent.

Alpha arbutin is a choice brightening ingredient because it's a derivative of hydroquinone, one of the most effective skin-lightening and spot-fading actives out there.  Alpha Arbutin works by slowly releasing hydroquinone over time, inhibiting tyrosinase, the key enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, or pigment, in the skin. In other words, less tyrosinase means less pigment, which means less discoloration and fewer unwanted dark spots. And, along with its excellent brightening abilities, alpha arbutin is also known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.K Magic Face Cream and theK Magic Body Cream has been proven to be safe and passed US FDA inspection. 


How Does Alpha Arbutin Work?

Similar to hydroquinone and other skin whitening agents, alpha arbutin works by inhibiting the function and activity of tyrosinase, an oxidizing enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin in the body. Melanin is a substance that gives dark color to our hair, eyes, and skin.

But unlike hydroquinone and other skin whitening products, the effects of alpha arbutin is faster and more effective. In addition, it doesn’t lead to adverse skin health effects as it is naturally extracted. Because the hydroquinone is being released slowly, the skin isn't exposed to too much of it at any one time, mitigating the likelihood of those side effects. So, in general, arbutin doesn't have the same type of toxicity as hydroquinone does


Who Should Consider Using Alpha Arbutin?

Pretty much anyone who's not pregnant and looking to fade any kind of skin discoloration, be it caused by sun exposure, acne scarring, or melasma.This is a great option for those with darker skin, which is more prone to hyperpigmentation in general, due to having higher amounts of melanin in the first place. It can also be used to even out a generally blotchy skin tone, versus targeting specific spots.

If you have sensitive skin, there's more good news: Arbutin is also relatively well-tolerated, compared to other powerful ingredients such as acids and peels, which may cause irritation and dryness. It also doesn't make the skin more sensitive to the sun, meaning you can safely use it year-round. That being said, trying any new skincare ingredient always comes with the risk of irritation or an allergic reaction. To play it safe, especially if you have sensitive skin, test it out on a small spot on your forearm before applying it to your entire face.

How Should You Use Alpha Arbutin?

The other big pro here is that alpha arbutin has not been shown to negatively interact with any other ingredients, so you can easily work it into your existing routine. It does, however, work especially well when combined with other spot-fading ingredients — i.e. vitamin C, azelaic acid, kojic acid, niacinamide — so consider seeking out products that contain more than just alpha arbutin to get the most brightening bang for your buck. Dealing with hyperpigmentation is complicated, and can take some trial and error. Many of these actives work in different ways: by combining them, you're coming at the issue from every angle.

Follow the directions of the particular product you pick, but, generally speaking, you'll want to apply it twice daily on clean, dry skin for maximum results, and while alpha arbutin is very stable, heat can make it less effective, so be sure to store your product in a cool, dry place. (Ideally, not the bathroom, especially if it's particularly bright or gets super steamy. A drawer in your bedroom is a good bet.)

When to Expect Results

Arbutin is generally safe enough for 2x daily use. You can add arbutin-containing skin care products to your morning and night routines. 

On average, you can see the results of arbutin within the first four weeks of use. Of course, your skin type is a factor in determining how fast your skin will lighten.

Continued use of arbutin-containing products like theK Magic Face Cream and the  K Magic Body Creamwill result in more even and lighter skin. However, you have to note that when you stop using these products, your skin is most likely to revert back to its previous condition.

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