A video tribute for Ms. Korina Sanchez by the people of Boracay for saving these dogs.  In cooperation with Ms. Korina Sanchez, AARRC rescued 50 dogs from abysmal circumstances on Boracay island, a famous tourist destination. These poor things were literally rescued from Death's doorstep!


Children occupy a huge part of Korina's heart and she always looks for ways to provide for their basic needs. 
These children were given prosthetic legs and could not contain their excitement to be able to play again. 


 These brand new slippers are the simplest things but bring a lot of joy to those who cannot afford it. 

Being the most awarded Broadcast Journalist in the country, one advocacy close to her heart is inspiring the future of the nation through speaking engagements in colleges. 




 She is so serious with her fundraising that she travels all over the world to look for generous sponsors who support her causes to the benefit of the needy in the Philippines.