A Safe Way to Whiten Dark Underarms

A Safe Way to Whiten Dark Underarms



Cute sleeveless top but too embarrassed to raise our underarms? You are not alone. We hear you. Confidence and self-esteem are tied up when we are out in the professional and social world. 


* Certain deodorants

* Tight clothes can cause friction

* Melasma ( dark patches on skin)

* Hyperpigmentation( increased melanin) 

* Accumulation of dead skin ( not exfoliating enough)

* Abrasive shaving that irritates the skin

* Acanthosis nigricans ( hormonal imbalances, obesity or diabetes) 

* Erythrasma ( bacterial infection) 


Multi-awarded Broadcast Journalist Korina Sanchez collaborated with skin scientists to address this problem that has bothered millions of women from all over. The K Magic Kili Kili kit was developed in 2018 and is the consistent bestseller for the results it has delivered. The easy two-step regimen begins by using the K Magic Anti Perspirant Whitening Deo Roll On after your shower on dry clean skin. Follow this up with a thin layer of the K Magic Underarm Whitening Serum. You are set for the day! 

It has been revealed that Alpha Arbutin, which is an ingredient obtained from the bearberry plant is a superior lighting enhancer. This is pure and water-soluble which gives skin a perfectly even tone. Adding Quali Vitamin B3 and sugar beets help further whiten and moisturize underarm skin. This is the active ingredient in the K Magic Kili-Kili Kit ( underarm kit) which is available online at www.keverydayusa.com 







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