To my dear K beauties,

Throughout my career of over 30 years as a Broadcast Journalist, the harsh lights and heavy studio makeup could have easily damaged my skin. However, my job allowed me to also research deeper into what ingredients are inside every product I used. Making sure that there are no toxins and harsh chemicals that I use for my hair and apply to my skin are my priorities.

K Everyday was created in response to all of you who have been asking what my skin and hair regimen is. In collaboration with respected skin professionals, we researched and put together premium ingredients that will work best to maintain hair and skin health. 

We wanted to provide effective yet affordable products that deliver. This is my way of thanking all of you who have been with me on my journey as a Broadcaster and now, join me as I embark on my new life as a Mom to my precious twins. 

We believe in responsive giving so you are also part of every cause we support with every purchase you make.  This helps fund our various advocacies that support healthy, happy lives for all.

K Everyday are products that could fit right into your daytime and nighttime routine. Most of all, it had to really give powerful results. 

Now that I am a Mom of twins, late nights are expected and I would still love to have a healthy glow. I don’t really wear makeup except for shoots or special occasions, so feeling comfortable and confident in my skin is key. 

I am proud to be 56 and what keeps me going and confident is keeping my hair and skin healthy that I do not need as much makeup anymore. 

Let your natural beauty shine.

You are a true K Everyday Beauty. 

Let's be beautiful together!